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   Volume 1 (2005)

   Volume 2 (2006)

   Volume 3 (2007)

   Volume 4 (2008)

   Volume 5 (2009)

   Volume 6 (2010)

   Volume 7 (2011)

   Volume 8 (2012)

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   Volume 9 (2013)

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   Volume 11 (2015)

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1. The Relationship Between Separation Logic and Implicit Dynamic Frames
  Matthew J. Parkinson and Alexander J. Summers

2. Completeness for the coalgebraic cover modality
  Clemens Kupke, Alexander Kurz and Yde Venema

3. Efficient Interpolant Generation in Satisfiability Modulo Linear Integer Arithmetic
  Alberto Griggio, Thi Thieu Hoa Le and Roberto Sebastiani

4. Soundness of Unravelings for Conditional Term Rewriting Systems via Ultra-Properties Related to Linearity
  Naoki Nishida, Masahiko Sakai and Toshiki Sakabe

5. Formalizing Randomized Matching Algorithms
  Dai Tri Man Le and Stephen A. Cook

6. Finite dimensional Hilbert spaces are complete for dagger compact closed categories
  Peter Selinger

7. Bounded Arithmetic in Free Logic
  Yoriyuki Yamagata

8. Isomorphisms of types in the presence of higher-order references (extended version)
  Pierre Clairambault

9. Pseudo-finite hard instances for a student-teacher game with a Nisan-Wigderson generator
  Jan Krajícek

10. A Complete Axiom System for Propositional Interval Temporal Logic with Infinite Time
  Ben Moszkowski

11. On logical hierarchies within FO²-definable languages
  Manfred Kufleitner and Pascal Weil

12. On Constructor Rewrite Systems and the Lambda Calculus
  Ugo Dal Lago and Simone Martini

13. On the Scope of the Universal-Algebraic Approach to Constraint Satisfaction
  Barnaby Martin, Manuel Bodirsky and Martin Hils

14. Strongly Complete Logics for Coalgebras
  Alexander Kurz and Jiri Rosicky

15. Point-Separable Classes of Simple Computable Planar Curves
  Xizhong Zheng and Robert Rettinger

16. Canonized Rewriting and Ground AC Completion Modulo Shostak Theories : Design and Implementation
  Sylvain Conchon, Evelyne Contejean and Mohamed Iguernelala

17. Transfer Function Synthesis without Quantifier Elimination
  Jörg Brauer and Andy King

18. Weak Alternating Timed Automata
  Pawel Parys and Igor Walukiewicz

19. Wreath Products of Forest Algebras, with Applications to Tree Logics
  Mikolaj Bojanczyk, Igor Walukiewicz and Howard Straubing

20. Model-Checking of Ordered Multi-Pushdown Automata
  Mohamed Faouzi Atig

21. Model Checking the Quantitative μ-Calculus on Linear Hybrid Systems
  Diana Fischer and Lukasz Kaiser

22. Two for the Price of One: Lifting Separation Logic Assertions
  Jacob Thamsborg, Lars Birkedal and Hongseok Yang

23. Reachability Analysis of Communicating Pushdown Systems
  Alexander Heußner, Jérôme Leroux, Anca Muscholl and Grégoire Sutre

24. Degrees of Lookahead in Regular Infinite Games
  Michael Holtmann, Lukasz Kaiser and Wolfgang Thomas

25. Predicate Generation for Learning-Based Quantifier-Free Loop Invariant Inference
  Wonchan Lee, Yungbum Jung, Bow-yaw Wang and Kwangkuen Yi

26. Piecewise testable tree languages
  Mikołaj Bojańczyk, Luc Segoufin and Howard Straubing

27. Applying CEGAR to the Petri Net State Equation
  Karsten Wolf and Harro Wimmel

28. Forward Analysis for WSTS, Part II: Complete WSTS
  Alain Finkel and Jean Goubault-Larrecq

29. Invariant Generation through Strategy Iteration in Succinctly Represented Control Flow Graphs
  Thomas Mart Gawlitza and David Monniaux

30. URSA: A System for Uniform Reduction to SAT
  Predrag Janicic

31. Complexity classifications for different equivalence and audit problems for Boolean circuits
  Elmar Böhler, Nadia Creignou, Matthias Galota, Steffen Reith, Henning Schnoor and Heribert Vollmer

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